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tutorials for stop motion

HOW TO: stop motion tutorials for Windows and MAC:

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Stop Motion Tools

If you have a lot of photos sometimes Movie Maker and iMovie crash. Instead you can use MonkeyJam (for windows) or FrameThief (for MAC) to make the film strips and then import the strips to Movie Maker or iMovie.

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Mobile Web Application tool

WebMobi is a cloud based Mobile Web Application creation and publishing platform that allows for rapid creation and distribution of mobile web apps and hybrid apps for smartphone and tablets.

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Mobile Phone Wireframing Tools

Smashing Magazine has collected a selection of wireframing kits for mobile design. Take a look at their blog and find links to wireframing tools for both Android, iPhone and iPad.

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Concept Maker

Concept Maker is a creativity tool which assists you in the creative process, whenever you have to generate concepts and ideas.

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