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Infographic about infographics

Why not make an infographic about why infographics works. Theory and statistics made simple and easy to understand by NeoMam Studios.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 13.30.32

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short film by prada and Roman Polanski

Film director Roman Polanski has worked together with Prada on this commercial film. It is both stylish and witty and shows that even expensive luxury brands have a sense of humor.

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concepts in web design

I just came across this blog post about concepts in web design, and thought it might help you in your design process. Of course you have read Hillman Curtis’ 7 steps, but this article has a more direct way to explain it. Basically it’s about the combination of concept, conveyance and theme.

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Companies from the study trip to Berlin 2012: #6 Gidsy – a marketplace for authentic experiences.

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Companies from the study trip to Berlin 2012: #4 EyeEm – easy photo tagging and sharing tool.

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