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short film by prada and Roman Polanski

Film director Roman Polanski has worked together with Prada on this commercial film. It is both stylish and witty and shows that even expensive luxury brands have a sense of humor.

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thought-provoking stop-motion

Chipotle communicates its green philosophy in an artful way by using stop-motion:

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clever banner ad

By squeezing an entire IKEA store into one banner ad IKEA shows that you can save space with their furniture. The banner ad allows you to browse and buy all their furniture. Visit the banner ad.

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Chocolate and iPads

Anthon Berg – The Generous Store. A great example of how you make people engage with your brand both in the physical and digital world.

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SMK on googleartproject

Now you can also find the danish national art museum Statens Museum for Kunst on Google Art Project.

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