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Infographic about infographics

Why not make an infographic about why infographics works. Theory and statistics made simple and easy to understand by NeoMam Studios.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 13.30.32

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Hand-drawn fonts

Incorporate the texture of handcrafted lettering into your project with Photoshop images from TheOrganicType.

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Art and design

I would like to recommend this documentary from before it runs out. It is a film about designers who work in the area between art and design. You can see the documentary at: But hurry up, it runs out soon.

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Literature about creativity

If you need inspiration for your idea developing process, check out theese books:

  • Paul Arden: Whatever you think, think the opposite
  • Dorte Nielsen: Idébogen
  • Igor Byttebier & Ramon Vullings: Creativity today

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Little Printer

Maybe we need some of these for the school. Read more about Little Printer at

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